Shifting Frames of Reference and Truth.

Ok. Yeah. So it starting now and its startin’ here, not because of … anything, but because its right. I may make a big deal outta right and wrong sometimes … but its only because i sense it is central to what is  happenin’ in the world. Or rather its just the sense, and not necessarily the “right” and “wrong”.

I gonna show here at Oil Slave how all the bullshit i talk about relates to everyday livin’ “down here” where the common man lives. I gonna show how there is an “everybody” and how everybody shares a common need. Need as in the sense of absolute necessity, like food, water and air. Clear Perception – The Obliteration of Consciousness.

Or maybe that already been done and and if ya wanted to see it you wooda done did.

Ok. What about i just talk ’bout, more from a “personal” view point ’bout what i see, keep it simple and completely open. As opposed, say to, speakin’ in an over general, abstract or “universal” type of way, what it takes to survive or get through the day down here, a confession.

I gonna draw a map taking into account the shifting frames of reference, like how even sitting quietly at home, much less out in the street, perception is limited. I mean you can’t see out the back of your head or beyond the horizon or all directions at once. And ya got at minimum the biological drives, eating and fucking, and the attendant psychological drivers (and their offspring). Thought be chasin’ its tale through our head and through our world. One minute this and the next that.

So like the blind men who can’t agree on what an elephant is, even when its at hand, we still gotta continue to live together. And still on the same planet, side by side. We’ll just jam our various riffs, all our different views, and see where they connected.


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