Cleanin’ It Up …

Go to work every day.

Its like livin’ in the camp of the enemy – the best disguise is complete openness.

So … if my god is black and my wife is black and my children and grandchildren and neighbors are black … what might that indicate ’bout me? I may not appear so, but actually i am black.

… thirty years ago, fall 1982, age 24, i find myself at the end of the road, can’t go no further …

A black family tribe came along, dug down in the mud and picked me up, a sangha of saints i revere to this day. They picked me up and set me on my feet and i stepped onto the long glory road of urban industrial labor.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are aspects to bein’ an oil slave i LOVE. I work with the best people. Period.

And we all understand … it ain’t ’bout makin’ the company googaws of millions of dollars … which we do … its ’bout the people workin’ beside ya, up and down the line.


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