Worth Dying For

Peace and Glory festooned across my brow …

over a winged skull …

the rhinestone encrusted ball cap turned backwards on my head

“What’s up with you and them skulls all the time” she sneered “what’s that representin’?”

i said ta me its the death of the self, flyin’ off ta heaven …

like  when you die, you instantly connected to the source of the universe, that’s why i say its ultimately a dead end, this unending fight to survive goin’ on within ourselves and the focus of the whole movement of civilization … war in every sphere of every level of our consciousness playin’ out in all it’s forms all out in the world …

we all gonna die anyway

ergo – if i gonna die – obviously – there is only one and constant question –

is what i doin’, right here and now, worth dyin’ for?




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