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Worth Dying For

Peace and Glory festooned across my brow …

over a winged skull …

the rhinestone encrusted ball cap turned backwards on my head

“What’s up with you and them skulls all the time” she sneered “what’s that representin’?”

i said ta me its the death of the self, flyin’ off ta heaven …

like  when you die, you instantly connected to the source of the universe, that’s why i say its ultimately a dead end, this unending fight to survive goin’ on within ourselves and the focus of the whole movement of civilization … war in every sphere of every level of our consciousness playin’ out in all it’s forms all out in the world …

we all gonna die anyway

ergo – if i gonna die – obviously – there is only one and constant question –

is what i doin’, right here and now, worth dyin’ for?




The Corrosive Residue of Evil

… in our institutions and our consciousness. Thats what we mired in right now.

Yes its all physical and material too – our entire fragile, artificial, disposable survival system born of slave labor and the explosive enrgy of oil, powered by the mind of man, but more deeply, with far greater expanse, is the divisions in our mind into us and them. Its self perpetuating.

Thought itself … its not the memetic particles, atoms, or molecules … or the code … much less the whole program … war … its the very impulse to think … its born of the fear of death  … the drive to survive …

Thought arises of its own accord, its own seed and root. The dimension of thought is small and narrow and can take care of itself if left alone. It wants to be left alone for optimum perfomance, the brain built that way.

All the magic formulas (prayer, meditation, science, myth and song) function in their limited spheres. And all those functions occur within a cosmic dimension we all share, here and now.

Is one way better than another? Which is the best magic formula?

The one that incinerates instantly the corrosive residue of evil … like an invisible sun.

That ain’t found in formula, code or magic.